Monday, June 10, 2013

The dreaded 2WW

SOOO I have entered the dreaded 2WW (week wait) but it is more like 9 days. We had our transfer on the 8th and it went great!! We transferred 2 fresh 5 day blasts. I was nervous at first but the guys were so calm, or at least they didn't let their anxiety show through. It went just like my previous times except our RE was VERY involved. He talked to us in the waiting room, gave us the paper work to sign and walked me to the transfer room, my last clinic this was all handled by the staff I didn't even see the RE till I was already on the This RE is very personable and had excellent bed side manner. I even got a copy of the picture they take of the embryos which I thought was nice so that way I could have a keepsake as well.

So a little about my pre-transfer experience. I flew into NY on Wednesday and it was an easy flight, I had a middle seat but the flight 2was not fully booked and lucky me the seat next to me (window) was open! I LOVE the window seat because I NEVER move on a flight, I use the restroom prior, I HATE public restrooms and the thought of using an airplane restroom gives me the creeps so unless it is dire I stay away. Being in a window seat is so much better because you never have to get up to allow other in/out. I arrived in NY at the height of traffic and the hotel is a good hour to hour and ten minutes away so this meant it took me 2 . 5 hrs. to get there, but good thing my driver was really cool. I finally arrived and I was beat, I had bee up since 3am because I wanted to see my hubby off before he went to work and I could not get back to sleep. I pretty much just ate and went to bed. I knew the next day would be a long one because the guys were going to show me around the "real New York" as they put it. I walked, rode the subway, at amazing food and saw the typical New York landmarks but from afar, which was best because it meant no crowds or tons of people.

On Friday they took me to Blue Hill Farm which is the most beautiful farm/grounds I have ever seen. Never mind the farm to table freshness of the food but everything else as well was simply perfect. They have a small market and it is just filled with any and everything that is simple but perfect. Oh how I wish I lived back east just so I could visit this place and have lunch/dinner every so often.

So now I am 2dp5dt and am not dying to pee on a Not yet, I know by tomorrow I will break down and pee, and now that I am talking about it I want to, but I am going to wait, I would be scared out of my mind if I got a line right now..OMG ok yes I will wait.

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