Friday, June 28, 2013

Do you feel pregnant??

How to answer this question. No I don't, I never do. Even with my previous twin pregnancies I don't "feel pregnant" I am not nauseaus, my boobs don't hurt I am not overly tired. Not in the beginning at least. I have the occasional queasiness but it is nothing really. I am natrually a sleepy person so I doubt I would really notice being really tired. I wish sometimes that I felt pregnant so that way I could relax a bit knowing that the symptoms of pregnancy mean that the baby is growing. I hate waiting for the first u/s and because it is not till I am 7 weeks it is a LONG wait.

I have been trying to keep myself busy with little projects around the house that need to be completed but I am running out of things to do and surfing the web in between is getting very old. I am hoping these next 10 days go by a bit faster.....

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