Thursday, June 20, 2013

Numbers of the day!!

So I have been waiting to post my numbers because I wanted to see how well they would double, if they doubled at al. On Monday I went in for my first beta and that came back at 382 and we were all very pleased with this number. I know what this number means, for me, which I am not thrilled about but am happy all the same to be pregnant. This number is only 20 points higher than my first beta with my surro twins. So I am pretty sure there are 2 beans snuggling in. Today my beta came in at 1468 which puts me around 37 hrs. of doubling time. They ant to see it doubling around every 48hrs. So I am right on track!

Do I feel any different, nope. The same as I always do,maybe a touch of nausea here and there but nothing really. I don't usually feel pregnant even with the twins. Only time shall tell I guess.

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