Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So I actually started testing yesterday...crazy I know. Today I am 4dp5dt (4 days post 5 day transfer) and I was not expecting to see anything and this mornings test gave me just that nothing. I am testing 3 times a day till I get a solid line or till I realize there will be no line and with that said I tested this afternoon and............ There is a shadow!! SO I am optimistic,that this shadow will turn into a wonderful strong dark line. Only time will tell. Oh an just a disclaimer, the above picture is NOT mine, it is just a picture I

My first beta is next Monday and it cant get here fast enough, the guys don't want to know any HPT ( home pregnancy test) results, they are afraid of getting a false positive so they want to just wait for Monday's results. I can't blame them because all this testing is going to drive me insane. All the "is it a line, or an evap" or am I just seeing things is going to send me over the edge. I will say that I am glad in a way that I haven't seen a line yet because that would scare me, and make me wonder that much more about how many are in

So I will hold on to hope that this shadow is a sign of things to come and that one little baby bean is in there snuggling in for 8 more months

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