Friday, June 14, 2013

Seeing double!!

Surrogates are notorious for peeing till they You get that much wanted 2nd line but you HAVE to make sure it gets darker and you have something to compare it to so we pee, and pee and pee some more! That is JUST what I have been doing, and my hubby thinks I am insane, just like the other 2 journeys he thought the same.

As you see above those are MY lines!!! I am 6dp5dt and that is an amazing line! I got my first real line on 4dp5dt which is a scary thought. I am beginning to think both of these embies stuck around. I am going to keep testing to see how the line progress. It will be a LOOOOOOOOOOONG 3 days till beta but I have made it this far so just a little bit further to go.

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