Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I just wanted to add that I have a tooth ache from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just hoping there is nothing seriously wrong cause it is my tooth that has a crown on it...........I HATE the dentist and am VERY fearful. I know if I have to go I will have to pay for IV sedation which is expensive..... Plus Tiffany from the clinic emailed me and told me that the donor is STILL a few weeks from finishing her screening..UGH.. I figured since they are providing the guys with the donor they did her screening already.. Oh well just more waiting but if this is true then maybe it will be a late June early July transfer which means an April baby(ies) ?? not too sure on the calculations but either way *IF* this transfer takes first go around then no summer pregnancy for me!! I certainly hope the first time is a charm not only for the guys but for my family as well cause no one likes a grumpy preggo!! LOL
OK so it has been rough with all the waiting and the contract negotiations. Don't get me wrong it was never anything like deal breaker type of negotiations just little things like the escrow.. I HATE the fact that it is with someone who is NOT bonded that irks me a little but not for me but for M&M I just think they should be a protected as I would be.. BUT we are going to put language into the contract about that so at least I am protected, seems kinda one way street' ish to me but whatever they wanted to keep it whee it was so who am I to tell them no.. So their clinic called me today and I spoke with a gal named Tiffany, too funny, and she just asked basic questions and I gave her all the info for the monitoring clinic I am going to use so we are on the right track. She said she needed to speak with the RE to see what out next steps are!! I am very excited to get this baby making show on the road!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

about M

OK so Marisa has decided to move on to another surrogate and has found her which is GREAT!! I can admit I am a little jealous but it is good for her. She met her and I hope all went well I am still waiting on an update from her visit and about the screening so I will update more after.. She of course of still struggling about David and his death she is now in the angry phase of grieving and I am sad for her but at the same time am glad because she is on the long road to healing. The angry phase is a VERY hard phase to move on from, I dealt with it for a LONG time with my grandmother's passing so I can only imagine the immense anger and pain with Marisa and losing her son...
Ok another update!!! I have been SO LAZY about posting, but I guess that is the life of a mom with 4 girls and 2 of which are 2.5 year old twins!!!

So I had my MMPI-2 done and turns out I am not crazy!!! I think it is the dumbest test ever but whatever. So they guys came and we went to dinner and it was just GREAT!! I am so STUPID for not remembering my camera to take pictures but I was in such a hurry to leave the house and put the twins to bed before I left Kayle and Lani with my dad. We met the guys at Jax fish house and I have been wanting to try this place for a long time!! So we met them and right away they noticed me!! They were already there cause we were late..go figure right?? LOL So we were at dinner for like 2 1/2 hrs. and it was just great!! They are very talkative and so FUNNY!! We hit it off really well, so I am so happy about that cause I was really nervous about that. Well the next day the guys came over and brought all the girls Easter baskets..it was so sweet of them to do that! They gave me the most delicious cinnamon creme cake EVER!!! The guys did not stay very long but the time they spent was good. They played and interacted with the girls very well. They will be GREAT daddies one day! Hopefully I will be able to bring that dream to fruition for them. So the guys have picked out a donor and are just waiting for her testing to be complete and hopefully everything turns out OK!! Now onto the contracts!! I received the initial copy with my lawyers notes and am going to be talking with her about my changes on Tuesday of next week so here's to hoping in the next week or so they will be complete and just need signatures!! Everything is going pretty well so far!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well so far so good things are running smoothly!! The guys have a potential donor, they are just waiting for some questions to be answered by her. I hope she works out for them!! I get to call next week and schedule my MMPI and psych eval for Kaleva and I. they guys are coming to meet us and I am getting very excited. They will be here on Friday! Sarah is helping me get some things together for them. We will all go to dinner on Friday to Jax Fish house, which is a place that I have been wanting to to ever since I watched Top Chef and the winner was actually the executive chef for the Jax in Boulder. My dad is going to watch the kids!! He has never done this before so it should be interesting.

Marisa is doing a little better. She is just trying to move forward. I just wish there were more I could do for her.