Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thinking THICK

Alright so the last time I updated I was bummed out because my lining was not cooperating and it was not thin enough to start my Estrace. WELL Last Monday I had another ultrasound and low and behold that after the Provera and me doing anything and everything I could it worked. I never did get my period which was SUPER strange because I took the Provera for 6 days AND drank parsley & ginger tea as well as a lot of papaya juice. I googled how to induce my period and those were some of the things listed. SO anyways last Monday I had an u/s and my lining was 4.5!! Yes you read that right 4.5 and no period, just spotting a little. Now things were back on!! I started my Estrace and lowered my Lupron and yesterday I went to have another u/s and this time we wanted a fluffy & thick lining. WELL how is 15 for you?! Yup my lining went from 4.5 to a 15! That was just the average and in some spots is was 16, so this turned out to be excellent news because the guys egg donor was already on meds to do her retrieval because she could not wait any longer for me. SOOO this means that I will be doing a fresh transfer next week sometime!! I am not sure on exact dates because it all depends on the donor now. I am still not completely relaxed because you just never know what can happen and until you are on the table at the IVF clinic about to transfer anything can happen, so I still need good thoughts for our egg donor. We want to have a good number of eggs but most important is the quality, then there fertilization... Still so many things for me to think about going awry.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surro family update

It has been a while since I updated about my surro family. They are all doing so wonderful! M&M are the best dads a girl could ask for they are simply amazing! The girls are getting big so quickly and it is again time for another trip to visit them and I cannot wait! I got a few pics the other day of them playing with bubbles and having such a blast.

A little set back

So I have been MIA for a little while and that is because we had a little set back and it is my fault. I cant lie and say I was not pouting a bit because I was. SO on the 2nd I went in to have my baseline u/s and blood work done. Well my blood work was great but the reading for my u/s were higher than the RE likes to see. He wants it below a 7 and mine was 7.5. At first I thought no big deal because I was not completely through with my cycle and I figured I would keep shedding. My NC was really sweet about it and said that since I am so close that they would just wait till Monday's repeat u/s to see what we need to change if anything. SO Monday rolled around and I just knew my lining would be the same if not thicker and I was right this time it was measuring an 8.3, I knew this meant that it would push our transfer dates out and I was right. I have been on provera since Monday and I am hoping that tomorrow my cycle will start back up and my body will do what it needs so we can get this show on the road. I hate that I my body isn't cooperating but there isn't anything I can do, sooooo I have been in a little bit of bad mood. So all of you that read..if any of you lol please just send good thoughts my way please, and thanks!!