Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting there

So I am 24 weeks pregnant and today I am feeling it, I guess. I went to be last night around the same time I usually do but still woke up like I had on had a few hrs. of sleep. I am SOOO tired, I mean fall asleep while driving, or eating or just about anything tired. I have a huge mound of laundry that needs to be done and I cannot get myself to take the load out of the dryer so I can continue. I am surprised that I am updating today given I'm so tired but I figure maybe if I stay busy I can stay awake.

So things are going great, no real complaints or issues. It is finally March and a year ago I was getting ready to give birth. I cannot believe that my surro daughter is almost 1 yr. It is crazy to see pictures and remember that she is here because I helped. It warms my heart to hear my guys gush about her and all her wonderfulness. I love to show my hubby and kids her pictures. I am supposed to be going out to see her on her b-day and spend some time with my guys. I will be 26 weeks by then, they ( my guys) are always so shocked to see how big I am. They just keep remembering how big I was with C and they KNOW that there are 2 in there..LOL I am looking forward to seeing them all again!

So I found out that I have to talk the the anesthesiologist about wanting to be knocked out for the delivery. But I have confirmed that the guys won't be able to be in there if I do decided to be knocked out. They have already said they are OK with that, but we shall see the closer we get if they really are alright with not being in the delivery room. C's delivery was so special and just awesome I am thinking they will be a little let down to not see these 2 the second they are born, but I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong because I don't want them to feel left out or not part of this process after all they are the only reason we are going through this journey.

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