Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bumpy road

Well I have not been able to escape this pregnancy with no issues. I guess having 4 other pregnancies with zero to very minimal issues my luck has sort of run it's course. So last week on Tuesday I went to my OB appointment as a request of the guys for a reassurance that things were OK before I flew out for C's birthday. My appointment started out great, I had been feeling fine no real issues just feeling more pregnant and tired. Dr. B started out with my regular growth scan and things were fine, baby A ( E) was breech and weighted 1.89 lbs and was doing great, B ( C) was transverse and weighed 1.80 lbs and these weights are GREAT for singletons never mind twins. So I was very relieved, especially since I have been either maintaining my weight or losing a few lbs. I can’t seen to get about 198. I started a little overweight at 188. My OB does not seem concerned at all so I know I’m fine, it is just one of those things I think about with twins.
So after that u/s we moved on to my cervix which I expected to be just fine, WELL it was not as soon as I could see my cervix on the screen I said “ OH NO!” it was noticeably shorter than it was last time. It measured 1.81 at it’s shortest and it has been between 3.5 and 4.0 which is normal. As soon as he was done Dr. B told me that he did not want me flying out anywhere he wanted to be able to get to me if God forbid something went wrong plus he asked me “ What if something DID go wrong all the way across the country? Would you be OK with being away from your family for 10+ weeks?” Of course not. So of course I did not go, I had to call the guys with the not so good news. They did not freak out which was good but they knew I was concerned, they could hear it in my voice. I told them that I had to go back that Friday to have my cervix checked and to have an FFN test ( Fetal Fibronectin) done. This test is a lot to explain so I will just add a link http://www.marchofdimes.com/pregnancy/pretermlabor_fetalfibronectin.html
On to Friday, after worrying about what was going to happen and if my cervix would hold up, I had rested a lot of the next few days. So Friday’s cervix check was good, not great but good it was the same which I will take over it getting shorter. I had the test and had to go home and wait for the results. After calling the guys with the decent news Dr. B called me and told me it came back positive, he did not expect it to but it did all the same. He told me to come back Tuesday for a repeat cervix check. So here we are Tuesday and things are fine. My cervix measured a bit longer!! I was very happy about that, not so happy about the weekly appointments from now on but it is what it is. I am supposed to be calling an agency to get some help around the house with the girls so that is on my agenda for tomorrow. I am hoping that things continue to be the same or better with my cervix, I cannot even think about what would have to happen with my family if I am forced to go on hospital bed rest.

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