Saturday, February 12, 2011


So things have been going great, not a whole lot to report which is ALWAYS good, but even better when you're pregnant with multiples. So I am now 21 weeks!! So I am very excited that things have been going so well. I am praying that things continue to go well.

So I have been feeling LOTS of movement recently which is such a great feeling. I know that they are OK and thriving when I can feel them move, right now they feel like a child tapping on you to get your attention. Later on they will feel more like cartwheels and somersaults, and then in the end most likely it will feel like they are trying to break out.LOL I have noticed this past week that I have to slow down and am not able to do as many things during the day. I also have a hard time getting around.LOL I know I am all belly but that's OK with me. I just hope they decided to lay transverse vs. head down, why? because then my belly will grow width wise vs. out. Only time will tell on that though.

I talked to the guys this week and am SOOOO excited to say that I have been invited to Caroline's first birthday! St. Patty's day is her birthday and I can't wait! I am so blessed to have these guys in my life. I still have to find a gift for her, not sure what to get yet. I have been looking and thinking about it a lot though.

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