Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patricks day baby!!

Well I have a c-section scheduled for Wednesday the 17th for 11:30 am. I am excited, anxious, nervous, scared all at the same time. I am so happy for the guys. I know they are beyond excited, as well is there family. It is weird to know what day and time I will have Caroline, I never knew with my girls, I just went into labor and that was that. It is REALLY going to suck when I get home from the hospital, I will have ZERO help. I am really glad that I can stay for 5 days in the hospital. I will only have K. with me for one freaking day and that is Wednesday. I know I am going to have some emotional issues about that. WTF?? I will be in the hospital by myself, and then at home with 4 kids BY MYSELF... I am just so irritated about that it is crazy I can't even be happy when I should be damn near euphoric about the pending delivery. PLUS on top of that I have offered to pump which I don't regret but I am going to be sooooo tired. Oh and even more wonderful things is K has decided to get the floor in the Kitchen/bathrooms done too.. Ugh I am going to explode. These next few weeks will be really hard on me..

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