Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time for an update!!

Well I am now just about 29 weeks and feeling GREAT!! I know that the 2nd trimester I am supposed to feel better, have more energy but hell it just did not work out that way..LOL So I have been feeling a TON better physically except for my cold/cough I have had for a few weeks. It gets sooooooooo annoying to cough all the time and pee a little at the same time..LOL It comes with the territory I guess. So the guys will be here next Friday for our 30wk. appointment and I can actually say I am excited. A light bulb of sorts clicked on in my head a few weeks ago in regards to our relationship. My hubby has been telling me for months that this is just how they are and they are just guys and don't expect a lot from them. I know they are beyond thrilled with the impending arrival of Caroline and getting more and more excited. I just wish I knew a way to reach out to them more. So I think I am going to start texting them more about how the day has gone or about her moving, that sort of thing.. I have started on their scrapbook for her. I do not have many pictures at all so I have asked the guys to send me some so I can get those in there and then the rest will be open for them to put pics in when she gets older, when she first comes home that type of thing so VERY easy for them to have a scrapbook all they have to do is glue the pics to the page that is already decorated!! I am sure they will love it. I have also been looking for a gift for them for when she arrives. I am sure I have it pin pointed to 3 choices so now all I have to do is pick one..LOL Yeah like that is easy..

I have found that I am BIGGER with Caroline then I have EVER been yes even the twins..LOL I have to go and actually buy some more clothes, mainly shirts since I know that in a few more weeks everyone and their mothers son will be able to see the bottom of my belly..NOT a pretty sight..

So an update with M.. She went and got tested for celiac's disease ( upon the insistence of her sister) and turns out that she MOST likely has it. She was tested through an independent lab the all the results were positive but her Dr. at a well known clinic said she wants to run her own tests and have a biopsy done next week. I really am praying that she has it, weird I know but this could be the reason why she is infertile, WHY she lost DIJ. Undiagnosed celiac's disease can cause women to be infertile AND late term miscarriages. I really want her to be positive for it, because if she is then she can cleanse her body of gluten and then try IVF on herself again. Women with controlled and diagnosed celiacs disease have been know to get pregnant and do just fine! So we shall see. GOD I am praying for her so hard..

OH and I totally forgot to mention that I have now resolved to birth naturally, no drugs, NO PITOCIN nothing!!! At the most I will as my Dr. to strip my membranes, I refuse to have him break my water until I am at least 4-5 and in active labor. I am going to be doing a TON more research on this and my friend Sarah had agreed to be my birth Doula!!!

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