Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our 30 week appointment

So the guys flew in on Thursday evening, the day before our appointment. On Friday I got the older 2 girls ready for school and then came home to straightened up and feed the twins. I got them dressed and ready to go to their Big Momma's house ( I know sounds funny but that is really what she wants to be called..LOL) I got myself ready and dressed and then was out the door. I felt very excited to get to see Miss Caroline. I have not seen her since October, so I wanted to see how big she was. I picked Lani up from school and dropped all the girls off at their Big Momma's. They truly adore her she is a wonderful help and a blessing to me. So I got to the Dr's office and the guys were not there yet. I got there around 11:25 so it was odd that they were late. I started to get worried, not sure why but I did. Well they got there within minutes of me arriving. I LOVE my Dr's office, they are so great and understanding. So I gained about 2lbs. which is good since I have only gained about 8-10 lbs this whole pregnancy!! OK now to Miss Caroline. She is head down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a HUGE relief since I am wanting to VBAC and since she already weights a little over 3.5 lbs she most likely won't be flipping. I pray she won't. She is so cute though, you can already see that she is getting chunky, her cheeks are already chunky.LOL The guys were so amazed at how big I have got and how big she is. the Dr. made sure she is still a she and of course she is. I have been very paranoid about my cervix length since I had to have a LEEP done in Oct. of 08. I had him check it and it is measuring 4.1 which is great! So the appointment went GREAT she is estimated to be a big girl around 8-8.5 lbs at birth. She will be the biggest baby so far. We only have about 8 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!! It is going by sooooo fast. The guys are just about done with the nursery and I can't wait to see it. They are going to be GREAT dads.
So after the appointment the Dr. took us on the hospital tour himself ( I told you he was a great Dr. !!) He showed us the rooms and where I need to be dropped off if I go into labor at night, he also told me that he will not stop my labor if I go into labor after 34 weeks. Kinda scary to think of but I guess by then she will be just fine. The twins were born at 34.6 weeks so I know from them that she may need a bit of help but will do just fine! Oh back to the hospital tour. It was great. They plan on doing some updating but the actual facilities are great they have tubs in all the rooms which means that I can labor in the tub if I want too!! Sarah said that she has a birthing ball that she will be bringing ( she is a friend and fellow surrogate and my Doula!) with her so I feel really good about being able to labor her naturally. I also made sure that I do not need to have continuous fetal monitoring and only a pick line ( where they just put the line in your arm so they have easy access if necessary) which means I can walk and be free of all belts and IV bags!! That is a great thing. To be able to labor how I want to. So after our appointment we went to lunch which was a really nice lunch. I got to talk to the guys about possibly doing a sibling project. They said that they were going to talk to me about it too!! So they absolutely want me to carry her sibling/siblings!! I am so freaking happy to know that it is just crazy!!! So if all goes well with my VBAC then I will be looking for IP's come June so that way by October/November we will be ready to transfer! If I have to have another c-section then I will just wait till they ( the guys) are ready to start out sibling project. This is because for the sibling I would have to have another c-section which I would be fine with since it would be my last time even being pregnant. So things went really well!!!! I am so excited... So just 3 more weeks till my next appointment.. Usually it would be every 2 weeks but my Dr. is great and know that I trust my instincts and plus being pregnant for the 4th time helps too.LOL

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