Saturday, August 8, 2009

We have a Heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my U/S was on Thursday and the guys flew in so they could see for themselves. They flew in the night before. So the whole week I was very nervous, I have just been so paranoid seeing all the loss on SMO lately. I still am on the nervous side, but not as bad. Well I pick the guys up from their hotel and we were off to the appointment! The u/s tech was so NICE and informative! We saw the little bean or I guess I can call it baby N since thy already have names picked out and I think it is a boy, considering how I am feeling is WAY different than any of my pregnancies with the girls..OK so we saw baby N and he had a hb of 134!! Which is really good, the u/s tech even let the guys hear the hb, that had never happened with any of my pregnancies it was always later in the pregnancy that I got to hear their h/b. So needless to say the guys are just thrilled!! I know they were hoping for twins but they are happy that they have a healthy baby! So my next appointment is August 20th and I get to see my new OB who I just know is great! I just keep praying that everything will go well with this pregnancy and baby N will be healthy.

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