Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Fun day!!

Well we went to Water World yesterday and it was very fun for the girls!!! We rented a Cabana and had the hardest time trying to even find it but once we did it was GREAT!! We had our own space away from everyone else, and if you know me at all that is very important to I like people but at a distance..It just annoys me when I lay out a spot and people or their kids trample all over our stuff.. So it was a good day I had the twins with me and K had the older girls. The twins had so much freaking fun it is crazy.. Lani and Kayle had a blast with daddy cause they are bigger so they can ride on rides and Mommy does not DO RIDES at all..LOL I may not have ANY pictures of our day cause wonderful K let the camera get soaked, it was a disposable cause I dared not bring our digital cause I thought it might get ruined well my guess was right. So now I have to pray to GOD that I have a few pictures of my babies first day at the water park.. I am a dork and forgot to put sunscreen on my chest and am now soooo red!! LOL at least none of the girls are burned!

So as of pregnancy symptoms I do not have very many except for the knot in my stomach when I lay down and my EXTREME sleepiness. I had been nauseous but that is now gone, so I am praying everything is OK and on August 6th we will see a nice strong heartbeat! Maybe even 2!

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