Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I guess I should update..

Well I had my OB appointment on the 20th and everything is looking good. Baby N is growing right on target. I am very happy. I have been pretty nervous about this pg. Since I have been in the world of IF ( infertility) I am not so oblivious to what could possibly go wrong. It seems surreal. I know I am pg but I can't be fully happy about that for a while yet. I will be happy when I can feel baby N moving around on a regular basis cause then I will at least know that the baby is thriving. On another note this pg has been VERY rough on me and my family. I have not cooked on a regular basis since about mid July. K has been just so helpful, even though he is not emotionally attached to this pg ( not like I expect him to be) he has been a HUGE help, he has given the girls baths, cooked dinner ( or at least bought it..LOL) and has cleaned up a TON.. I am truly blessed he is such a wonderful hubby. My IF's on the other hand have not been very communicative. I know it is a possibility that they will read this and that is fine, I am NOT going to mix my words. I went from having the MOST supportive IM EVER to 2 guys who work so freaking much they can't check in on me more than once a week. I accept that but man is kinda sucks.. At least I have 6 more months to mentally prepare myself for how it will be after. I know not all IP's want a close relationship and I am not really asking for that either but I would like to become friends.. But it is what it is..

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