Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I don't have much of an update and I have not been very up to doing one either. I have been very nauseous and heartburn has also started as well. Yesterday I could not eat, think about eating or even look at food without feeling sick and the heartburn never went away. This morning is a tad better but I have not had much to eat. I am going to really be counting down the weeks till I am in the 2nd trimester, hoping I get some relief. I have been feeling a bit down for several reasons. The first is that M my FIM has been having such a horrible time with everything in her life and now she has pretty much shut me out which makes me sad but I have to be understanding. Second is the guys are still guys and the communication thing is still lacking.. It is not like I want them to email me everyday but dang at least more than once a week, but whatever. I have resigned myself to know this is how the journey will go and I have to be OK with it. I told myself that I will just keep doing what I am doing so that way I know I did what I knew was right. I just feel very alone in this whole process. K is very supportive but because this is not "his" baby he is not very understanding about how I am feeling, that REALLY sucks. I know I am and overemotional wreck and never mind the fact that I can't freaking eat without feeling like crap. am the type that LOVES food and I can't even think about enjoying it while I am pregnant feels like a slap in the face. I am looing forward to next week cause it will be busy. The girls go back to school, Lani will be going to K this year and she is beyond excited.. The twins will be going to pre-school to that is good too.

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Waiting In Sunshine said...

Ugh, heartburn stinks. Have you tried taking Prliosec yet? I'm pretty sure it's ok in pgcy. Maybe try taking one either right before or right after you eat. (Or, do you have to ask the guys first if you can take a med? After all this, I still don't know how this works, if you can believe.) But, if you can get some releif with a med, I say go for it. Love you.