Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I just wanted to add that I have a tooth ache from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just hoping there is nothing seriously wrong cause it is my tooth that has a crown on it...........I HATE the dentist and am VERY fearful. I know if I have to go I will have to pay for IV sedation which is expensive..... Plus Tiffany from the clinic emailed me and told me that the donor is STILL a few weeks from finishing her screening..UGH.. I figured since they are providing the guys with the donor they did her screening already.. Oh well just more waiting but if this is true then maybe it will be a late June early July transfer which means an April baby(ies) ?? not too sure on the calculations but either way *IF* this transfer takes first go around then no summer pregnancy for me!! I certainly hope the first time is a charm not only for the guys but for my family as well cause no one likes a grumpy preggo!! LOL

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