Friday, May 1, 2009

Well this has been a crazy week!! It started out very normal except for my tooth so I HAD to get an appointment and went to the dentist on Wednesday and now the tooth that I tried to save 2 yrs. ago needs to be taken out because of the dentist that did all the work on it, turns out he perforated my root and now I have an infection in my BONE. The new dentist wants to charge me 2200 for everything including pulling my tooth, sedation and filling 5 cavities.. I know 5 cavities is ridiculous but whatever. Kaleva was needless to say PISSED that after we spent 1700 last time for my teeth and this is with insurance..LOL So he wanted me to call the other dentist and tell him what is happening and see if he is willing to cover some of these costs... GOOD news is he is willing to cover some of the costs but I will not find out exactly how much until I go in on Monday to see him and get more x-rays taken.. It is feeling much better since I have started the antibiotics but I still have some pain. OK now on to Taylor's speech appointment which went very well and then I had the insurance guy come today so I can get that ball on the road. i am very happy to say I HAVE THE FINAL contract in my hands!! All we have to do is sign and send it back to the lawyers!!! So happy! I emailed Tiffany from the clinic again to get some more details since I cannot walk around not knowing anything..LOL I just HAVE to know when I will start meds, what kind of protocol the RE wants me on ect.... I am just so excited I can hardly wait to start poking myself with needles.. CRAZY right?? Well that is actually part of the JOY of being a surrogate mother!! LOL

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