Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OK so it has been rough with all the waiting and the contract negotiations. Don't get me wrong it was never anything like deal breaker type of negotiations just little things like the escrow.. I HATE the fact that it is with someone who is NOT bonded that irks me a little but not for me but for M&M I just think they should be a protected as I would be.. BUT we are going to put language into the contract about that so at least I am protected, seems kinda one way street' ish to me but whatever they wanted to keep it whee it was so who am I to tell them no.. So their clinic called me today and I spoke with a gal named Tiffany, too funny, and she just asked basic questions and I gave her all the info for the monitoring clinic I am going to use so we are on the right track. She said she needed to speak with the RE to see what out next steps are!! I am very excited to get this baby making show on the road!!!

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