Thursday, August 26, 2010

YAY!! I have followers!

LOL... I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks so my 2 followers and for my comment! I have been writing on this blog for just about 2 yrs. and this is the first time I feel like actually writing. I hope I don't disappoint..

So lets see whats going on now.. lets start with my f-up of a NC ( nurse coordinator) also known at my clinic as the Donor Coordinator. Don't get me wrong she is sweet and all but sweet does NOT get shit done. She is the 2rd one that my IF's and I have dealt with.. First was Tiffany, LOVED her she was the BEST and she was my NC last time I even bought her an extravagant bouquet of flowers and I was soooo excited to get to work with her again, but she is gone because she had a beautiful baby and is taking care of him. So on to the next one Heather! She started out great, she asked me what days I was not available and I let her know via email Sept 26th - Oct. 5th because that was our BIG Disney World trip. So she said fine no problems and to just let her know when my cycle started. Well my cycle started on the 21st, no problems there I thought it would be here between the 22nd-25th so i was right on track. I emailed Heather on Saturday and no word almost ALL day on Monday and that scared me because Monday was my day 3 and I knew I needed to get my baseline blood work done. Well the NEW NC called me at 3:30 Denver time which is 5:30 DC time so I knew she had probably forgot about me, well she told me to come in anytime from 7:30am - 9:30am, then I told her umm I am in Denver so I will go into my monitoring clinic, she then says Oh OK then you do that. I ask her if SHE wants ME to call them to schedule an appointment. Of course she shay yes. So I just deal and take it for what it s worth and call my clinic here, well guess what? She NEVER faxed over the orders to them AND they have to have that first, but even better they also HAVE to have a credit card on file before I can come in as well. '

I then try to call the DC clinic and the phones of course are off, so I leave a message AND send her a few emails. I of course have to call my IF to let him know what is going on and he is a bit unsettled because this new NC used to be in billing and she does not really know ( or at least she is showing us she dosen't know) what she is doing. OK fast forward to Tuesday.

Well it does not start out so promising. Remember I am 2 hrs behind DC so the NC is in the clinic and could have handled the 2 things that she needed to, that I told her needed to be taken care of BEFORE I could even schedule my appt. You think it was done?? NOPE. So I had to get on the phone and call around, I finally got her to fax the orders over but she still has not handled the credit card issue. I mean seriously?? So MY clinic out here calls me to see what the hold up is and then Lori says she will call the DC clinic to get it sorted and not to worry. Lets put it this way she speaks with the NC, NC tells her she will call her back in 10 min. well 20 min later and NO CALL. So I call MY IF and tell him, he calls MY clinic and gives them a CC and literally at 9am I am told to be there by 930am... Good thing I was ALREADY on my way to the clinic. UGH so annoying that I have to keep on track of these things.

Oh and she still messes up the calendar! She has on there for me to go in and get the ONE and only ultrasound and blood work on October 4th! WTF?? Did you NOT read any of Heather's emails? i am out of town. So I had to call and leave another message with her. I am NOT calling to tell my IF what is going on because it is just going to stress him out and he does NOT need the added stress.. So now I get to play phone tag again! Good thing I don't work cause if I did I would really be ready to kill this women!

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Anonymous said...

You probably have more followers then you realize! Some are just not registered as a follower :-)

Geesh, hope that things go smoother with the NC!

Keep blogging!