Sunday, August 29, 2010


So by the name of the post it is someones birthday! Well it's my twins!! I cannot believe that they are 4. It seems just like yesterday that I was in my OB's office for a regular appointment but low and behold I was contracting, I felt NOTHING, and when i say that I mean it no twinges or anything. So my OB tells me to goto the hospital to get monitored for a few more hrs and to stop any possible impending labor. I was 34.6 weeks pregnant. So I thought to myself as I was driving toward the hospital that I don't even have my bag packed yet..

I did not have one packed because my pregnancy was going so great that I just felt that I would wait till 36 weeks to pack one.

So instead of going straight to the hospital I made a detour home to pack a small bag. So I get home and am in my room rushing around to get things in order and I stop to look at a picture that is on my dresser, I do not keep pictures on my dresser they are always down stairs in the living room, anyway the picture was of my hubbys father, who had already passed away, I thought it was even stranger though cause this picture WAS NOT on my dresser when I left for my appointment AND it was HIS BIRTHDAY as well. So I pick it up and talk to him as though he is there and say " Well Papa I sure hope my instincts are wring but I think you may just have to share your birthday with these 2" I then had an overwhelming feeling that he was there and telling me yes. Long story short Taylor & Moriah were born on his birthday! I did then and still do think that this was his plan all

So my twins are 4. Crazy thought for me because it seems like yesterday they were infants. I miss that smell, the smell of a baby, on their neck. I have always LOVED that smell. I miss begin able to hold and cuddle them, to watch them sleep. See their faces light up when you pick them up, to see them looking around to a world un- explored, full of possibilities. It is not like the twins are grown, but they depend on me less, and less and I can say that I truly miss that true dependency that once had.

I truly understand where parents come from when they say that "They will always be my baby" To me this means that they will always be my last. My last chance to breath in their youth, their fresh outlook on life. To experience their firsts. Makes me sad but at the same time I am over joyed that they are here, happy and healthy.

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