Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for a new post I guess.
Well we had our transfer on Wednesday the 8th at 12:35 EST.. It went really well! It was so hard to not pee as they want a full bladder... Plus they push on your bladder when they do the u/s so the RE can see the placement of the embryos.. I got to see where they were placed it was pretty cool! I am now 5dp5dt! I peed this morning and got the faintest of lines!! I am now addicted to peeing cause I NEED to see the line get darker! I am very happy but of course the guys don't know yet cause they don't want me to tell them so I won't. Our beta is on Friday and I cannot wait till later on Friday so I can actually KNOW I am pregnant! This whole process seams surreal to me.. The fact that I may just be pregnant is just such a blessing.

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