Monday, July 20, 2009


OK so for some reason today has been VERY stressful.. I woke up at 2:15 this morning and did not fall back asleep till around 4am.. I woke right back up at 6:30. I had a knot all morning. My brother was kind enough to come and watch the girls while I went to my appointment this morning. I get to the appointment and am so freaking nervous, I was not this nervous on Friday or the transfer day.. just weird. I could not help but think that my numbers would not double.. So I get home and right as I pull up ( my girls are out side playing) I hear Moriah screaming.. I look over and throw the car in park ( I have to have the brakes checked now cause I am sure as hard as I stopped something might be wrong with them now) and run out of the car and it is still running. Her mouth is covered in blood. My poor baby was so excited to see me home that she missed a step and fell flat on her face and busted her lip, scraped under nose and had a bump on her forehead.. MY poor baby... I am so thankful for her not loosing any teeth, she fell so hard..

OK so NOT a good re-entry back home from my appointment. So fast forward to around 11am I start laundry and picking up the house cause I HAVE to keep myself busy..Well 12 noon hits and I find myself on my computer on several sites looking for other peoples updates, which were not good so of course I am panicking cause these are all bad signs.. Then 12:30 hits and I just can't take it anymore, so I email my NC no response and she is usually spot on with replies, so then I call, nothing so I leaver her a message. Then I call the clinic here that did the test and they tell me " Well we faxed over those results at 10 this morning.." and of course I asked them " Can YOU tell me the results?" she say " No but I will re-fax them" OK so now I KNOW I have the results and there is no mix up in the lab holding them up, so I call my NC (nurse coordinator) AGAIN and again NO answer, so I just tell her ( on VM) that I called my clinic and they re-faxed over the results and to call me as soon as she gets them.. So in the mean time I am freaking out cause I automatically think it is a bad results and my NC told the guys first and they are just trying to figure out how to break the news to me.. Well 1:15 comes and my NC is so apologetic and says they had a surprise FDA audit and she has been soo busy.. Well the good news is after all the crazy waiting I now have my numbers and I am DEFINITELY pregnant!! My number was 643!!!!!!

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