Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Final Journey Begins!!

Well the time has come to share where I am in my final journey...
 I am matched to a wonderful gay couple M&M, yes I know they have the same initials as my guys ( I will forever call them my guys, well because they are) which in my opinion I take as a good sign! They are funny, down to earth and just all around great people. I got to meet them at my screening appointment which was great! They live far from me as well which stinks but it is what it is.

So we matched back in January and met in March for the first time. I was so incredibly nervous about out meeting and also the meeting with the RE. Given my history after the premature birth of my surrotwins I was not as optimistic as I was with my other journeys. Turned out I had nothing to worry about, after a long talk with the RE and what my expectations are as well as the guys we were all on the same page! He did do an exam to look in my uterus to see if I had any polyps or cysts and nope nothing at all. He was amazed that he could not see any scar tissue at all considering I have had 2 c-sections  . He also tried to break down the statistics that out of all 7 babies I have delivered that they are all girls. This RE was a very laid back one, and I like that about him, but the most important thing is for him to get me pregnant!

Everything is all set and we are ready to go. Contracts are signed, escrow is set up, testing is done and now we are officially cycling!!!! I start Lupron on the 20th and I will be a nervous wreck until May 29th and we have the fertilization report and we know that there will be embryos to transfer, then I will be a HUGE ball of anxiety and nerves till transfer day and then...OK let me stop getting ahead of myself. First things first start Lupron and hopefully, God willing my uterus cooperates and grows a nice fluffy lining.


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