Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost a new year!

So 2010 was a great year for myself and my family. I am sort of sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end.

So a New year is on the horizon. I am praying and hoping it is a good year. This year will be full of twists and turns I am sure, being pregnant with twins usually means a curvy road of sorts. So I have my OB appointment with my Dr. on the 4th and I cannot wait! I get to see the twinks ( that is what the guys call them so I will too.LOL) again and I am sure we will be able to tell the sexes. I LOVE knowing before the guys. I am really HOPING that there is at least one boy in there. Considering this may just be my last pregnancy and given I have never carried a boy it would be so cool. Why do I care? I am not sure really, maybe it is to prove to myself that my miscarriage about 7 yrs. ago was not because my body cannot carry boys but because there was something wrong and that was mother natures choice. I know it does not make sense to many but these are the thoughts that I have always had and it would be great to be able to put them to rest.

I have been still having tummy troubles, not sure of the cause but they are still there and some days are better than others. I have to get another twin pregnancy book, I sold all of mine a few yrs. ago never thinking I would need them again.LOL I went to the grocery store today to buy some protein powder, I got Boost High Protein it actually tastes great! So that is a plus. I HATE to drink milk and this stuff makes the horrid taste of it. I have to consume at least 112 grams of fiber starting at 20 weeks so I figure it is best to get a jump on it now, vs. later. I need to get better at planning my meals so that is what I am going to be doing this week. I am always sooo picky with eating so I need to make sure they are not only meals my family will like but me as well and that is going to be a BIG challenge.

Oh can't forget, when I go see my OB I am going to be talking to him about her neurotic MFM I saw, and will have to see again on the 14th of January for the 16 week scan. She scared the crap out of my IF's and I talked to them about how I felt. I told them that her job surrounds negative things ALL DAY and she is just SUPER cautious because that is her job, but normal twin pregnancies do not require MORE scans, or appointments. I LOVE them because they said that they agree and what ever Dr. B thinks is the plan is what they will go with! Now I have no problem seeing a MFM if there is ( God forbid) something wrong. But to just go as a precaution is just over kill and never mind time consuming.

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Tamara said...

Thinking of you as you gear up for tomorrow's appt!!
Tamara (RobsChica)