Saturday, May 11, 2013

A little set back

So I have been MIA for a little while and that is because we had a little set back and it is my fault. I cant lie and say I was not pouting a bit because I was. SO on the 2nd I went in to have my baseline u/s and blood work done. Well my blood work was great but the reading for my u/s were higher than the RE likes to see. He wants it below a 7 and mine was 7.5. At first I thought no big deal because I was not completely through with my cycle and I figured I would keep shedding. My NC was really sweet about it and said that since I am so close that they would just wait till Monday's repeat u/s to see what we need to change if anything. SO Monday rolled around and I just knew my lining would be the same if not thicker and I was right this time it was measuring an 8.3, I knew this meant that it would push our transfer dates out and I was right. I have been on provera since Monday and I am hoping that tomorrow my cycle will start back up and my body will do what it needs so we can get this show on the road. I hate that I my body isn't cooperating but there isn't anything I can do, sooooo I have been in a little bit of bad mood. So all of you that read..if any of you lol please just send good thoughts my way please, and thanks!!

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