Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't want to jinx

So dare I write this post???
I have been feeling GREAT!! I have had LOTS of help this past week it has been awesome. I truly have the best little sister there is, she stayed all week long, skyped some of her classes, drove an hr both ways to her college to turn in paperwork, homework and take tests. She never complained once, helped clean, did some grocery shopping and made sure I was alright and that I did not do much of anything. It is such a relief to know that I have her to help, that the girls LOVE their auntie Reiko, they listen to her, have fun with her and look forward to her being here. I am at ease in my home ( which I know I would not have been if I had a stranger here.) It still sucks that I am in bed all day, but at least I have her to talk to, joke with. Physically I have been felling better as well. I do not have acid reflux really at all, I am not coughing all the time, my allergies are not going totally crazy. I hate to say things are going so well because I don;t want to jinx myself. Yes it is harder to move around, hard to sleep and stay asleep but if those are the only things to complain about I'll take it.

I have an appointment tomorrow and am hoping and praying it goes well. I do not want my cervix to change at all, I want it to get longer so that way I can have the security of knowing that I will bake these babies a bit longer. I am going to be 32 weeks on Saturday so that is a HUGE milestone and then the next one will be 36 weeks! I am so grateful that I have proven the stats wrong so far. This all started at 25 weeks and my OB was just so sure that I would have either delivered by now or that I would be in the hospital on bed rest. I am moving right along as well as are these 2 beauties and that is all I can ask for!

So Easter! Easter was a pretty decent day, did not do much beside sit at my moms and eat. My girls had a great day, they all looked great and loved their baskets. I worked on them for a little while but it was worth it! I hope you all had a great Easter as well!

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