Monday, April 18, 2011

Bed rest..................

Need I say more??

So I decided after my appointment on Thursday last week that I would be on as strict a bed rest as I could be on. With the threat of hospital bed rest looming I want to tak a pro active stance. So my little sister is going to be helping me and had been great!! She will be her full time, taking the girls to school and picking them up. doing things around the house. She is truly a life saver. After I heard my OB tell me about the hospital bed rest I was in panic mode because I could not figure out who was going to come help or how it was going to work. My hubbys mother who usually helps out with the girls when needed is and has been busy with watching my husbands granddaughter. As annoying as it is that I do not have her as help at all I guess I know it is what is best for my hubbys daughter. Why don't I call her my step daughter or her child my grand daughter? That is a whole other post and just a personal decision. But I will say that it did upset me a little that I could not count on my MIL at all.

So back to the bed rest, it is NOT by any means relaxing, maybe the first day or so is nice but it gets old QUICK! Your body gets tired of sitting in one position, you get sore, your back hurts, your hips hurt, your neck hurts. It is for the best but it is not easy, never mind the fact that I have 4 girls that want and need my attention. It is dance season for my middle child and I will miss her first 2 recitals, upsetting, then my oldest track season has started and I know I will miss at least 4 meets, plus ALL of her track meets for her school. This is her first yr. participating in school track so I know it will mean a lot and there is nothing I can do about it. It sucks to know that my family will still be going out and doing things but without me, I want them to enjoy and have fun as a family but I'd like to go. I was sooo looking forward to taking my 2 oldest girls to see that new Disney movie African cats but won't be able to. Easter is coming quickly and I will not be able to join my family at Easter service. I am going to try and focus on the positive things about this bed rest, I can focus and pick out all the negative I want to but in reality it will just cloud my days that are already going to drag on forever so whats the point?? These 2 girls WILL be healthy and WILL not be born before 34 weeks!

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