Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not sure how to feel...

So I am actually pregnant!! I am happy that I am but I am not really sure how to feel that I am pregnant with twins, again. Yes I have always known this was a very real possibility but I never really thought it would happen. So my IF's are very happy and excited, more so that it even worked the first try again, than anything else. they both were just so sure that because it worked so well and smooth the first time that this time it was going to take a couple of tries. Well looks like they were really wrong. I had an easy pregnancy with my twins so I am not worried about that part at all. I am not really sure what my actual feelings are. I am sure I will sort it out eventually.

So far this pregnancy has been very easy. No morning sickness at all, no anything really. I barely feel pregnant. If I was not soo tired or had actually cravings I would not even think I was pregnant. I have NEVER had cravings with any of my other pregnancies, I usually have a Libra brain when it comes to what I want to eat and when I am pregnant that is amplified by 100 but not this time, I always know what I want to eat. It is GREAT, so that and the fact that I am not feeling sick at all makes me think that these 2 are boys!! Man would that be exciting, considering out of 5 babies they have ALL been girls! Only time will tell!.

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