Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's been a while!

So the last time I updated was September 9th. Well things have gone great so far, and along with great they have been CRAZY!! So I started Lupron and it treated me well. No really crazy headaches or much to complain about. Started Estrace and that made me a bit moody but other than that no complaints either. BUT I can say that my ONLY complaint has been my NC at the clinic. She really does try her best but it just sucks that I have to keep behind her so much. I literally have to CC my IF on every email and make sure he calls her to make sure she got my email and that she either answers my question or she gets done what is needed. It is a pain but she is so sweet.

In between all of this we went on vacation to Disney! That was a great trip. The girls had tons of fun. Florida was different very humid which made me a bit icky feeling but other than that it was a very good vacation. So I got back from vacation and it was just insane at my house. I had 4 days to unpack everyone, wash clothes, prepare all their clothes for when I was gone, write all their schedules, collect money for cookie dough, deliver cookie dough. UGH OH and pack for myself! Yup crazy is my life this month..LOL

So I managed to do all that and not forget anything So finally Saturday has come and I am going alone, which stinks but there is nothing I can do. Mark picked me up at the airport and had Baby C with him!! She is so big and just too cute. I was happy to see them there waiting for me. We went out to their farm the first night and let me tell you it is just amazing. It is on 140 acres sits right on the bay and is right out of a Home and Garden book. They try to get out there every weekend and I can see why, it is just so peaceful and great. I won't go into my whole weekend with them but needless to say it was a good weekend, very relaxing.

So transfer day. Monday, everything went well. I woke up not nervous at all and then in the car on the way to the clinic I was SOOO nervous, I know I was nervous because Kaleva would not be there to hold my hand. I had done this before so I knew what to expect but I was missing my hubby who is my rock. We ended up transferring both embies that looked good, both 6day and hatching so now we wait!................ Yes the dreaded I doubt I will update till either I pee or till beta day not sure, cause I am not sure if I will pee.

So I need all the belly rubs, sticky vibes, and positive thoughts you can muster!!


Mumsy..Momma..Mom..Honey are what my boys call me said...

Hope you see your BFP soon! Praying for you ;)


Waiting In Sunshine said...

It's going to be fantastic! Hugs!