Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loopy begins tomorrow!

So I got my meds on Wednesday! So freaking excited. I LOVE my RE. He has a no PIO protocol and it is wonderful! I only have to stick myself with one little needle, which is for the Lupron! I know surros that not only have the Lupron but they have e2v shots! These are twice a week but big needles, as well as PIO which is just crazy big and oil so it goes in S L O W L Y, PLUS they also have the suppositories.. Just crazy really. I have pills! Estrace 3times daily and prometrium daily. The prometrium is a bit of a hassle and I am sooooo glad that I don't start that until I am home from Disney! It would have been hell having to not only FIND a bathroom but find it 3 times a day at the SAME time to insert the suppository.. Yeah not so much fun. LOL

I get to start my Lupron on Friday which is used to suppress my ovaries so I do not ovulate and not get my period. It can make you have headaches and hungry, so I am going to have to watch out for that. Drinking LOTS of water usually help though.

And so the sibling project OFFICIALLY begins! WOOHOO I am so nervous and trying not to be superstitious about this, but it worked first try the last time which was great, not to mention I had a very uneventful pregnancy as well. I am praying/hoping to have a repeat.


Anonymous said...

Starting the meds really makes it REAL!! Very excited for you and heard that the drugs really make you loopy! Let us know how you are doing and our fingers are crossed all goes smoothly!

Sarah said...

I messaged you on FB but you have your settings so that I can't post on your wall to tell you! I know you can't ever tell that you have a message. Congratulations on starting meds! I am excited for you!

Mumsy..Momma..Mom..Honey are what my boys call me said...

Congrats on starting meds!