Monday, February 23, 2009

So far

Well now it is Feburary and I have had my repeat pap come back all clear!! I have been searching for more IP's the whole time with the wonderful help of my agency. Well I found out around the 3rd week this month that there were potential IP's (PIP's). I have been so excited. M&M which are IF's were just signing with my agency and Dana told me about them right away! Well they signed their contract and it was next to exchanging profiles. I got there profile on the 19th and I really became excited. It is a different feeling to know you are THE ONLY way for IF's to have their own biological child, cause with IM's (intended mothers) they are still women but they have various issues with having their own baby so it is more of a touchy subject with the whole infertility for them. I think it is a little more relaxed to begin with. Ok so The guys have their appointment with a clinic on the 13th this month so things are moving along. The next step is for them to be reffered to an IVF clinic in their home city..

I have actually found it a little difficult to connect with them. I know it is early and everyone Ihave spoken to keeps telling me that they are guys and it just take a while for them to open up. I am social in face to face interactions, but it is new to me to try to get to know people via email. I could prbably call them but I do not want to be a bother... I know they would not see it that way but that is how I feel.. I am sure as soon as our journey really starts then it will come naturally.

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