Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Journey up to Feb.

OK, I have not been on in a LONG time.. I have decided to become a surrogate mother. I was really struggling with my own loss of my fertility (when I got my tubes tied). And then one evening while I was on the Internet it came to me to be a surrogate mother, also known as a GS, or GC. I did LOADS of research into this whole new world and process and found some really heartbreaking stories of people who could not have their own children, or have suffered MANY miscarriages. I decided to sign up on some surro ( surrogate) boards and forums so I could really get an understanding of what is will be like to be a surro and all it entails. I finally decided to go forward and I signed with an agency they are called Surrogacy Options. I LOVE them they are so sweet and very involved and knowledgeable. I signed with them back in September.

OK so it is September.. Well I got a look at my first couple and their profile. They looked great, they already had a son via surrogacy so they were experienced. I told Dana (at the agency) that I wanted to move forward with a conference call. Well she told me the the couple did not want to work with me because I want to do a VBAC birth..( Vaginal after a Cesarean section) So I was like OK that just means we keep moving forward. I can't say that I was not disappointed because I was a little.. They looked like such a nice family. Now is it October. Dana felt bad for me because of the way I was feeling so she did something she usually does not do. She sent the next couple my profile first without telling me and without sending me theirs. Well They LOVED me and wanted to have a call. She called and I will remember this probably forever. I was sitting outside of Kayle's school ( my 10 yr. old daughter)waiting for her to get out when my cell rings. She tells me Tiffiny I have another couple and they are super excited to work with you!! I was like they have already seen my profile?? she told me yes and explained to me what she did different. Well I saw their profile and they were just too cute.. Doug and Marisa. Just too cute for words but their story was a LONG and Very painful one. Marisa had been through 3 IUI's and 7 IVF's. Never even 1 positive... And she was only 32 at the time that we met. My heart fell for them. Well 2 days later we had our call. It went GREAT!!!! We talked for so long like 2 hrs and it was so nice. We had a lot in common, personality wise, and our hubby's were very similar as well. I also found out they they wanted to do a dual transfer..Let me explain this. A dual transfer is when the IM and the surrogate both have a transfer of the IM's eggs or Donor eggs implanted into the uterus. Well she said she was going to be using a Donor because she just knew it was her eggs and not her uterus. What we would do is have the donor eggs 2 put into her and then 1 of her eggs and 1 donor egg put into me. So we are MATCHED!!! Now on to testing..

Ok now I have to get all my screening done. This is a bunch of blood work and a PAP. I had all my blood drawn and my PAP done. While I was waiting for the results, I got a call from my OB telling me my PAP came back abnormal.. Well all that ran through my mind at first was I was going to die.. Yes a little over dramatic but that is what I thought. Well I scheduled the colposcopy and that was THE WORST!!!!!!!!!! I then waited for those results. Meanwhile Dana, Jaime and Marisa were all routing for me and hoping that it would come back clear. Well it didn't....... I then had my LEEP done on Halloween of all days. During all of my procedures Marisa was getting ready for her transfer. She decided to go ahead with it and I TOTALLY agreed. I felt like her that is was her eggs and not her uterus. Her first donor FLAKED out but she got another one within days...unheard of BTW.... While I was waiting to hear form the Dr. or the lab about my results Marisa was getting ready to cycle and I was way too excited for her to even think about me, and that was a GREAT thing.. OK fast forward to my results they came back and were a OK!! THANK GOD!!!

Ok now it Marisa is cycling! It is November and her transfer is scheduled for the 22-25th it all depends on the embies quality and if they look like they will make it to blast.. Blast stage is when the embryos are 5 days after they have been fertilized and are on the verge of hatching. She got 9 eggs from her donor ( think, either 8 or 9) Well all were fertilized!! She said that was the best ever!! Then all of them made it to blast!! VERY GOOD NEWS. The point of letting the embryos make it to blast is to weed out the weak ones, or the ones that have more potential not to make it. So she transferred 2 great looking blasts and she got PREGNANT!!! She is now 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant!! She has announced to all her friends and family!! I am so COMPLETELY happy for her and Doug.

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