Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Girls

OK so it is Saturday and I took a very long bath last night, so needless to say I was very realized when I went to bed..I woke up this morning and I was still sleepy.. Moriah was crying her head off and it was barely 7 in the morning. What a way to wake up huh?? Life as a mom isn't it great??lol. So this morning went off with out any real issues the girls were fairly well behaved and just played with the dog and we danced and sang for a while then it was nap time.. precious nap time.. I know my life is boring but it is mine and I would not change very much at all!! OH yeah I still have not told anyone except for Sarah that I was even doing a blog. I am going to tell M and the guys we shall see what everyone thinks! Hope they like it.
And I found out that M and D are having a baby BOY!!! I am so happy for her that everything is going so well!!

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